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    I've been a Cubase user since I bought my first audio interface which came with Cubase LE AI Elements (this was a LONG time ago, the interface was a Steinberg MI4, the software came with it). Over the years, I've gradually upgraded my studio, first by upgrading to Cubase Artist 8.5, and at the same time upgrading to a UR22 interface, plus a USB e-licenser, then came Cubase Artist 9. 10 and 10.5. The UR22 was forsaken first for a Behringer mixer (which I still have and use), then by a Helix LT (which is an audio interface, but not a very versatile one), and then a couple of years ago I invested in a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface, which I've been very happy with. Just this year I made the leap to Cubase 10.5 Pro, plus Wavelabe Pro 10, so I can now mix and master with the best of them (my skills aren't yet up to that level, but getting there). Is Cubase expensive? Yes, but not as expensive as a Neve console or a Neumann microphone, neither of which I have (yet, lol). I do have some decent mics; a couple of Audio Technica AT2050 large diaphragm condensers, and an Apex 787 ribbon mic. These days I'm getting very serious about doing quality recording/mixing/mastering of my music, because I'm now releasing music on Spotify etc., and also hoping to get into the Sync world. In just the past few months, my quality has improved noticeably.

    I guess my points are, 1) I'm totally into Cubase as a DAW (the Pro version has amazing features) and 2) one's skills are actually more important than which DAW you use. I notice I'm the only one (so far) who voted for Cubase in the poll... any other Cubase users here?

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    Yes, I use Cubase Pro 11 and so far have been very happy with it.
    I used to be on Cubase Artist 10, but then tried a demo version of Pro and really felt that the upgrade would be worth it.
    It's a very powerful DAW.