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  • My legendary pp music album

    Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to present a mess to all of my fellow epic gamers. Due to some issues with distribution, it is on all major music streaming platforms 2 weeks late but anyway...

    My album is called Songs for a Wank Stain. It is a small collection of ridiculous songs that I made over the summer towards the end of my gap year before college. Some of these were done during song making competitions with some of my high school friends. The album clocks in at a mere 11 minutes with all songs being less than 2 minutes and the shortest being 55 seconds.

    The songs and their stories:

    PP Bete
    - This was a song based on an obnoxious drum beat, excessive use of tritones, and minor seconds to produce an off-putting and wonky character. It was described to be the purest embodiment of ADHD.
    Into the Dankness
    - I wrote this originally being inspired by the brass used on Please Stop Calling Me Gay by Pink Guy as well as the dark aesthetic of trap. It eventually evolved into some funky bass driven piece that was then overshadowed by a hastily recorded guitar part.
    Doot or Die
    - This starts out with a sample of Paul McCartney saying "let's hope this one turns out pretty darn good" in a strange, faux American accent during a Beatles recording session. The original song would have included a rip of the Halo theme sung by someone in a grain silo but I did not leave it in because it would have meant some issues with getting ahold of copyright licensing (over a sample that someone would probably care about). I centered the song around a few samples such as the skeleton doot, "die" as said by Ganon in one of the Zelda CDI games, and lemme smash. the doot and the die samples are where the name came from. This is a bass heavy song that builds into an aggressive growling distorted sound. This was a song from one of the competitions.
    Hitler the Navy SEAL Leads an Air Raid
    - This is my favorite work from the song competitions. I started with a sample of an AI using Adolph Hitler's voice to recite the Navy SEAL copypasta. I added an air raid siren to make the song ominous. These two samples were what led me to name the song as such. I went bass heavy again with this song. The bass is a bit darker sounding than in Doot or Die and slightly less distorted, however, it could still fit the sound of sludge metal or something of the sort. Additionally, to be obnoxious, I added the pufferfish "├Žugh" as well as some brass that might sound like it would be in some old war film.
    Grandepic Thing
    - I made a bit of a weird orchestral/electronic blend that ends with a flute whipping out a wild solo that outlines the chords of Megalovania.
    Avin' a Wank When Mom Comes In
    - I tried my best to capture the essence of doing questionable things while one's parents are home as well as the tension that is built throughout the situation.
    Tha Trash
    - I wanted to create a rhythmically unlistenable song with an obnoxious drum beat. It is another bass centric song with a cool bassline.
    The Baumbedaum
    - It was the bassline for which this song was named. This is a bass heavy song with orchestral strings and brass overtop. It has a funk inspired groove like many of the other songs on this album. The samples used on this song include the fitnessgram pacer test, oh yeah Mr. Krabs, boneless pizza, a quote from LeafyIsHere, and Pingas from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV show. The outro consists of a grand sounding E chord exactly as was done at the end of A Day In The Life from Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles.

    Here are the links to the album on the 2 major streaming platforms. I need to sort out getting it to YouTube as well though. Anyway, Enjoy.