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A song for a topic we all care about :)

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  • A song for a topic we all care about :)

    This is the song I'll be promoting for Spotify on October 30. I'm doing a limited Facebook ad test now but sending traffic to my Instagram. I'm at least finding out which ad to avoid.

    Right now I have no idea about what artists sound similar to this song so my Facebook marketing is probably not as good as it could be. I'm just putting down 'electronic dance music' as an interest. Could there be a better genre? I'd be grateful to hear suggestions anyone has about the topic of genre and similar artists.


    I got inspired to make this short song when I was looking at my YouTube stats and the text read something along the lines of "Looking Good! ... Your channel got zero views"

    The song is done on my Windows laptop using Ableton and a couple of synth plugins. I sent it off to online mix/mastering because I'm not particularly good at that and I prefer to focus on the music.

    Wish me luck!
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