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Good Enough for Streaming Success? Boots on the Ground - Manic Grooves (Self Promo)

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  • Good Enough for Streaming Success? Boots on the Ground - Manic Grooves (Self Promo)

    Hey guys just wanted to share my band's single that came out last Friday.

    I feel like we're the same kind of people here, so I would like your honest opinion so I can decide what to do next.


    1. I recorded, mixed, and mastered this by myself in a basement.
    2. I have bare minimum equipment, mics, pres, plug-ins, etc.
    3. I am not the best singer, but I try.
    4. I have only ever mixed my own music. I think of myself as an experienced amateur.
    5. Our genre is hard to label, and this makes interest targeting for ads difficult.

    I have about 8 other tracks recorded. I am thinking of having a professional do the mixing this time. I am hoping that can put our songs over the hump and get some real genuine traction on streaming platforms. Or should I record completely in a professional studio? Or should I just get better at writing songs, or a different genre? What do you think?


    Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it.

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    Sounds pretty damn good for a basement self-production! Great tune, I dig it. I'd say keep going, maybe focus on promotion to gain traction. As for genre, I have a hard time with that, too. I'd say this sounds to me like rock/pop, or adult contemporary (but I'm not great at figuring out genres). Good job!


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      Thanks Colleen. Really appreciate the encouragement!