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Using Distrokid with YouTube Artist Page - "Discography Music Videos" section

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  • Using Distrokid with YouTube Artist Page - "Discography Music Videos" section

    I use Distrokid to distribute my music to YouTube.

    In regard to my YouTube Artist channel sections, I notice that my songs are automatically dropped into the pre-created "Discography - Albums & Singles" section.

    My question is, how do my videos get added to the pre-created "Discography - Music Videos" section? It is empty, doesn't let me add to it, but I see no "Music Videos" area on Distrokid, so I am wondering how I would populate this channel section.

    Anyone else figure this one out?

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    I don't have an answer for you--and my own music is distributed by Distrokid or CD Baby to YouTube--but I've always had my own channel (free) and uploaded my music videos there myself. (In my case they are just lyric videos with a background photo. I'd recommend you having your own channel.


    • Shrimptastic
      Shrimptastic commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the reply.

      It's my own YT channel and it's free. I just linked my DistroKid account to it so that when I release from DK, it goes to my YT channel, not some random place, as it was before.
      I'm wondering if it is better to keep my DK releases that I push out to Spotify/Apple, etc separate from my YT stuff.


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    Hi my own channel merged with all the topic channels a few weeks after selecting the DistroKid YouTube artist option
    You can't edit the albums and singles section, however I've noticed that if I've made an official video for my releases then YouTube automatically replaces them in my albums and singles section
    The "topic" videos are really annoying since you don't get notifications if anyone comments and you can't edit them, I sometimes question choosing YouTube on my DistroKid releases


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      Hmm i'm not sure, I don't have my channel linked to DistroKid and I also don't have my channel set as an artist account since i'm considering making a new channel for just my music itself to keep the marketing stuff separate to a degree.

      Maybe hit up DK and ask them? Their customer support is pretty fast to reply.