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    Has anyone found a way to get onto more playlists on submit hub? By found I way I just mean advice on pitches and what not. I always find I spend 20 bucks or so on credits and only 2 accept. Most of the comments I get right now are either. I dont like the vibe needs more work or that it needs more guitar or what not. Anyways im trying to really get out there using playlists along with other marketing but the playlists on submit hub also seem to get low listen rates for me. This one I was in was supposed to have over 2k listeners only got 2 streams and my song was near the top. Love to hear your guys advice stay safe!

    Heres my music so you can possibly get a idea on what to say or do when pitching

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    Submithub does have a very low acceptance rate. Do you use paid credits? The difference in acceptances between premium and free submissions is very high!
    The current approval rate is 17% for premium submissions and 5% for standard submissions. (Submithub Website)
    That said, the curators all have their own taste. Meaning, if you pitch your music to 100 premium curators, don't expect to get 17 approvals. You need to be lucky too. I personally see Submithub as an addition to people that put my songs into their own personal playlists - it's not going to give me a lot of streams, but the mass sums up 😎

    Keep it up, Greetings


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      I've tried using Submithub a lot and something I have learned.. I think I had the attitude at the start that because you were paying for people to listen to your music this cut out the work needed to research and find out exactly which blogs or playlists are likely to feature your music. Looking back this is obviously wrong, you still need to research just as much, playlists tend to focus on particular niches. Really look into what they feature and unless they have artists and sounds that really are close to what you do then don't bother submitting. I have spent way too much time and effort on submithub before, now I just have a short list of people I am confident are into what I do and I only spend a few dollars sending to them.


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        ^ what the above comment states. You really do need to research everyone you're sending to. I figured an Electro song of mine would be great on all the anime youtuber type channels, but when I go to their YTs I saw most were pop/nightcore and heavily commercial vocal I would have gotten like 5 rejections lol.