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Inaccessible Boot Device after Windows 10 Updates

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  • Inaccessible Boot Device after Windows 10 Updates

    I have been using Windows 7 to go for a long time from my external USB 3.0 HDD.
    Some time ago I formatted and installed Windows 10 - nothing else has changed.
    Windows 10 ran well and felt more performant than Windows 7.
    After some automatic updates from Windows 10 I now always get the Error: INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE when I try to boot from a USB 3.0 port.
    USB 2.0 still works just fine.
    I have always been using USB 3.0 and had really nice speed on the system - now with USB 2.0, it's quite slow.
    boot devise windows 10 error
    Was anything patched in Windows 10, that makes USB 3.0 not working anymore?
    Can this be fixed?

    Thank you for your help!
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