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Guide: How to track saves accurately

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  • Guide: How to track saves accurately


    Go to Music:

    Set it to "Since 2015":

    and click on this button:

    Ta-da! you now have all the saves your songs have gotten up to this day. Now do the same thing tomorrow and subtract the difference to see how many saves you are getting on any particular day. Use this to evaluate whether your campaigns are working.

    The reason why I download the detailed data and not just base it off of this view is because that number is rounded and thus not accurate when you have more than 1000 saves.

    P.S if your Facebook ad account is not in the UTC time zone, make a new one (you can transfer over your pixel) and set it to UTC so that it syncs with Spotify for artists
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    When I hover my mouse over the rounded saves it gives me the full number.


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      Nice discovery! I never noticed that