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Anyone mess with Tiktok?

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  • Anyone mess with Tiktok?

    I saw a $300 promo and a match dollar for dollar promo for businesses (we count as that if we have business accounts). I’m going to try it out.

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    I'd be interested in trying TikTok Ads too! Can you send me the links with all the information? I guess TikTok only makes sense if you want to reach a very young audience.


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      I've been playing with TikTok ads for a few months now. My first 2 campaigns were absolute trash haha. My current campaign is using TIkTok conversions but for some reason its struggling to spend my money each day.

      A big downside about TikTok is Spotify will open in their stupid internal browser by default, and it seems like even a deep link will not bypass that. So you're kind of relying on people looking you up on their own afterwards it seems. Not 100% sure on this, and its very difficult to confirm on their platform at the moment. I went through TikTok and clicked on every ad I was presented with to see, and they ALWAYS open in the internal browser.


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        I don't know much about TikTok, but I'm willing to try it out. Thank you for all of this info guys!