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What Time of Day Is Best For Release?

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  • What Time of Day Is Best For Release?

    As we all know Friday is best for release, but what about the time? What time zone? I have some stats that show my release was technically on a Thursday, even though I specified 12:01 AM on a Friday through Distrokid.

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    I typically just go with midnight on Friday in the listener's time zone, which i believe is the default time.


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      Thanks Andrew. Big fan.

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    We asked Spotify to clarify how releases and Release Radar works, and Release Radar comes out at midnight for each time zone, so, midnight AEST for Australia (Thursday morning EST). This means that it comes out on Thursday morning for the Oceania countries, like New Zealand. Same with the release, so, yeah, it gets released on Thursday morning just past the international dateline if you choose midnight in your time zone and travels around the world, time zone by time zone. Each Friday's release radar would be determined by stats up until Wednesday, since it starts going out on Thursday morning in Australia.

    This begs the question about when the "first 24 hours" starts that we always hear is the most important time period in a release. It appears that the "first 24 hours" is rolling. We started our ads this last release at 5pm Thursday when it was being released in Europe and just put a link to the profile. Otherwise, you have to wait until your link is live in your time zone to get the link. Next time, we might start the ads in the morning and point them toward Oceania. It's nice to have that jump on the learning phase before the release in your time zone at midnight.