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Suggestions for other sections : Playlist marketing, editorial pitches, Twitter

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  • Suggestions for other sections : Playlist marketing, editorial pitches, Twitter

    Our main focus for music promotion in this forum is to explore Facebook ads. But I think it would be interesting to have a few other sections:

    - Playlist marketing (Playlist Push, SubmitHub). I'm currently experiencing a total failure in my Playlist Push campaign but a section on this could be useful

    - Have you been accepted into Spotify official playlist after a successful pitch? It would be interesting to read successful pitches

    - Twitter and other marketing. Has anyone tried promoting music through other ad platforms aside from Facebook?

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    Yeah thats why I just went with 'Other' for now haha, figured over time if topics like playlists and Google ads keep coming up i'd add a sub-forum to house those topics. I was trying to avoid having sub-forums that get no traffic and then have them never get answered, but I appreciate the recommendations because I am considering adding more in the near future once the site grows!

    I have some data on PlaylistPush results as an artist who's tried them, and as a curator. Plus I have feedback on the platform from viewers of my channel. In general I feel like people should only use PlaylistPush if they're already spending a couple grand in other marketing methods, it seems more optimized for labels than indie artists due to the much higher pricing when compared to SubmitHub.

    I've been accepted to 1 editorial playlist on Spotify out of the 50 or so songs i've submitted, so competition is fierce but it is possible to get accepted. It seems like more niche genres have a better chance, or if you are from a particular country or speak a particular language you might have an advantage over an artist from the US who's songs are in English. However those niche playlists also have less traffic, so theirs a tradeoff there.


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      Also for your last question... I've tried Twitter ads, Google ads, and TikTok ads and none perform as good as FB ads in my experience, not even close. They seem like they all have potential, but in music they don't quite work as well.


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        Hey Andrew, Distribution would be a good section too. A Place where we could talk about specific issues around our distributors (eg. Distrokid).


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          I just added sub-forums for the following!
          • Google & YouTube Ads
          • Distribution
          • Playlists & PR