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How many Countries to target with Ads

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  • How many Countries to target with Ads

    I wonder how many countries we should target with our ads?
    It's a philosophical question.
    We don't know how the algorithm works, unfortunately.
    Do you think it would be better to target one country or several or a region?
    Maybe a city?
    Around the globe?
    How do you do?

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    I typically target most of the Spotify countries. I copy all of them except Asia / Africa, and also remove countries I generally know nothing about.

    If you look up marketing country tiers you'll see a lot of articles written about which countries are best to include / avoid. There isn't a 100% correct answer for this and everyone does slightly different countries.


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      Thank you Andrew! :-)
      Seems like you're targeting quite many countries. How many is it on average?
      The campaign I'm running now I started with 11 countries and now I´m down targeting 5 countries but also a city in one of the countries. I have a small budget 150 Us dollar/month.
      Do you think it´s better to spread it out during the month or maybe better spent within 1 or 2 weeks?
      I´m promoting a music channel on YouTube not Spotify but it´s probably similar philosophy.