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Google Ads + YouTube Ads for Music - Initial Results

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  • Google Ads + YouTube Ads for Music - Initial Results

    Wondering how to use Google ads to promote your music? Or YouTube Ads? Over the past week i've been experimenting, had a consultation with some experts over at Google, and got some promising results today. Its not quite as good as what I get on Facebook Ads in terms of cost, and the results are VERY early on, but its incredibly promising given that i've never really promoted my music with conversions in Google Ads. This is my first try, meaning its likely going to just get better as I learn more!

    What I would love to happen is for some other people to replicate my process, or try their own methods, and see if we can share our data and processes here to find the ULTIMATE way to market your music in Google Ads haha. Note that I need to validate my results in Spotify, but this will take at least a week or two and probably a few more campaigns trying out different songs where I can track the data more easily.

    The process is in the video, but basically Google Display Ads seem to be the way to go from what i've seen so far, and Google's team told me the same thing. You can use videos as well as images in Display ads, and you can make multiple ad groups with different targets. The conversion setup is very tricky, and I had to literally code a custom landing page service from scratch to pull it off, but it works. I'm not 100% sure what other options exist someone with programming experience could pull off, but there must be something on the market that will do it.

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    Hello Andrew,

    found my way here from the link to the video above ;-) - thx for all the detailed information you put together in all of your videos!!

    I wanted to try doing a "real" ad campaign for the first time but for some reason, Facebook blocked my ad account and I can't seem to be able to figure out what went wrong there. I am also pretty annoyed by their nonexisting support so I decided to try Google Ads first. So I curiously watched your video!

    The one point I don't get is the "conversion thing". I can imagine creating a custom web page with the conversion code or even a conversion link click - but I was asking myself if I can track if they really go to Spotify and hit play on a song.

    Can you elaborate a bit on what it is exactly when you talk about conversions?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: I'd also be interested in a video about how your campaign went as you showed only some very early results in your video.


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      Really interested in this as well as FB is just a complete joke for so many reasons. Being new to this stuff, I'm hell bent on finding a set of tools that works to drive conversions. Here's what I know so far:

      1. Hypeddit does not support Google Ads as they just told me they need to do some API work. Not sure why their gates/smartlinks even allow us to enter a Google Ad Tag ID and Label at this point.

      2. Thanks to one of Andrew's videos, I just leaned that Distrokid's Hyperfollow can drive conversion and am pleased to see it allows us to enter a Google Ads Pixel ID. That's all I know so far and I'd love to know if anyone has done anything with it.
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        Hey Andrew and everyone else, have you or anyone else continued experimenting with Google Display and YouTube ads?

        I haven't done it yet, but I'm very keen on doing it in the future because I have a few hypotheses:

        1) Google Display ads (especially smart campaigns) will achieve lower cost per conversion than Facebook ads -> However, since Display ads have no audio of the song, the conversion to actual stream rate will probably be lower, so the overall result is still uncertain (the ad creative probably has to be very clear what the song will be like, so at least say something like "New EDM song", so people don't bounce from Spotify right away)

        2) YouTube Discovery ads are by FAR the best way to grow your YouTube channel. You won't get that many views (but who cares about views?) but you will get likes, subscribes and earned views (people watching more of your videos). In the long run, that YouTube growth could also become a great traffic driver to your Spotify and Instagram.

        I'm also intrigued by YouTube for Action campaigns (so in-stream ads with click or conversion goal) to drive Spotify streams, but I wouldn't be very confident about it.


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