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Breakdown data not showing up

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  • Breakdown data not showing up

    I just noticed that in my breakdowns, it's putting the results as "not categorized" or "Unknown." I went back to check when this started, and it stopped tracking the data on May 25th. I noticed this because our rates have been going up and since we're only using a self-feeding LAL audience, it shouldn't be going up unless the input data is expensive. We did all the custom domain stuff, so it shouldn't be that. Also, the "breakdown" button isn't next to "Customize" button anymore. I have to access it by clicking the three dots. I'm not sure how retargeting will work if the data isn't being tracked, and the lack of data does seem to be affecting the look-alike audience. How do you look-alike a ghost?

    We are using Hypeddit with a custom conversion.

    Is anyone else having issues with this?