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Ads Manager doesn't show results from countries

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  • Ads Manager doesn't show results from countries

    I just released an ad campaign for our new single and I can't see any results from specific countries, all the results are labeled as 'unknown'. Is this because of the iOS update?

    Edit: After contacting Facebook, I got this answer: "many Breakdowns for Conversions are no longer available due to iOS14.."
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    I’m seeing the same thing for my new release campaign that I started Friday. Conversions are slightly more expensive than before the update, but it looks like they are turning into streams/saves/follows. Strangely it is also not leaving learning phase even with hundreds of conversions per ad set.


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      I'm getting streams as well, but a very low click through percentage on Toneden. I ususally have 85-90%, now I'm at 40-45%. My guess is that bots turn up the views, but I cannot figure out from which countries they come from.


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        My ad sets are also performing well but stuck in the learning phase, in spite of many conversions. And I'm also missing a bunch of breakdowns, including countries


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          My workaround at the moment is looking at top countries on my Toneden campaign, and compare it to Spotify Artists. For example, I was getting a lot of views from Colombia, but no streams. Maybe this is a time for just going for safe countries.


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            I've noticed that data is slow to show up in breakdowns, but i've also seen its different for different ad accounts. So you might have data that stays 'unknown' while other people don't. I think Facebook is having a bad time with all this IOS14 stuff haha.