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Spotify Followers With New iOS Update

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  • Spotify Followers With New iOS Update

    Hey everyone, sorry if this is a pretty noob question. I've been using Toneden primarily but I want to get away and learn how to set up ads on my own. I haven't seen a video on Andrew's website that covers this after the new iOS update I'm looking to get more Spotify followers should I still set up a conversion campaign with a custom landing page? Should I send people to my profile page? Even though I'm focused mainly on Spotify I don't want to limit myself to just sending people to my Spotify either, as I think Apple Music plays a big role. Any and all help is much appreciated!

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    I haven't tried sending people to my profile, but if a song performs well in ads, people will follow your profile At least thats what I have been experiencing, however with this method it can get pretty expensive to scale to very large numbers, unless a lot of people are following you after streaming your song. So having good music can definitely change the ratio.