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Can you run multiple ads at the same time??

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  • Can you run multiple ads at the same time??

    Sorry if this has been covered in one of Andrew's videos, but I still don't know whether it's possible to run multiple ads at the same time. I mean I know it's possible but I don't know if it's smart to do that, because I had a few phone chats with someone who works for Facebook marketing and they told me not to run multiple ads even if they're under different ad accounts unless there's very little to no audience overlap. at the same time, someone who is very successful in dropshipping told me that people who work for Facebook don't really know what they're talking about and that's why they work for FB and not themselves (lol) and he said you can run multiple ads at the same time, and to further my confusion I've now seen 3 of Andrew's ads for different things in the span of 24 hours. so I'm very confused and very curious on what to do and any and I'll help is appreciated, much thanks!