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  • Long wait to approve ads

    Anyone have experience waiting a long time for FB to approve or deny their ads? I just lauded a new campaign and I’ve been waiting 10 hours for the ads to start. It usually takes my ads about an hour or less to start.

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    It depends but recently my ads have been taking 12+ hours to get approved. Out of our control


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      Wow. That’s much slower than I’m used to. I just get a bit wound up when I have issues pile up on release day. My computer is dying as well so I’m having problems getting to all the social media content I created for the release. Any other day it wouldn’t be as big of a problem.


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        I'm finally LIVE after waiting 16 hours to get the ads approved!

        But I learned a few things poking around the internet for anyone else that has this problem.

        First, DO NOT delete/stop/edit your ads even if they have not been approved. If your ads have not been approved for 24 hours you can call Facebook and they will do a review on the spot. The timer starts over if you delete/stop/edit the ads.

        Secondly, make a new set of ads, but DO NOT use the duplicate function. This is what worked for me. I duplicated my ads after waiting 8 hours and neither set went live. After 15 hours of waiting I created the whole ad set again without the duplication function, filling out every field one at a time, and the ads went live 45 minutes later. At that point I killed all the other ads I was waiting on.

        Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue, but YMMV.


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          Wait how do you call Facebook?


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            I got all the stuff about the 24 hr wait from this blog post


            I guess web chat with facebook is more accurate than call facebook.


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              Thanks for this guys. At least now I know it's not just me. Maybe it has to do with this new verified domain thing. Since this is the first round of ads I'm submitting with all of that stuff, I was thinking I'd done something wrong. I'll keep waiting. Oh wait, haha, just checked and it's active now. Took over 12 hours though 🤷‍♂️