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  • Streams or Followers?

    I was just wondering what everyone chooses to go for when advertising their music? I've been getting around 50 followers a day on Spotify for several months now and it's awesome because I'm gaining real fans and getting quite a bit of streams with Release Radar, but I'm also considering running an ad campaign for plays instead. I see a lot of you making your ad money pay in stream revenue and re-investing it and that sounds pretty awesome, so I'm wondering what do you guys think is more important?

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    The advice I've seen and follow is to focus your campaign directly to the song during release and even the entire Release Radar period until you trigger the Release Radar push, and then switch to send traffic to the profile between releases. We made the mistake of pointing the landing page to the profile in our last release at first and got a ton of followers but not as many saves. The focus with the Facebook ad strategy is saves and personal playlists, not necessarily streams. Streams are just listeners, whereas the rest indicated engaged listeners. Spotify seems to mainly care about engagement, not stream counts. If you've ever done playlist promotion, you know that streams alone don't count for much.