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Facebook Domain Verification - Issue with Event Config

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  • Facebook Domain Verification - Issue with Event Config

    Just watched Andrew’s “ToneDen Facebook Domain Verification” video - nice work!

    I ran through the steps, but am stuck on the Facebook setup where it gets to the “Edit Web Event Configurations”. I am trying to add an event, but when I add the event it won’t allow me to select a pixel to use. It’s saying “No web event to select this pixel”. Did I miss a step? Not sure if there’s something else I needed to do within Facebook first.

    I have everything setup on my domain, and it’s verified on Facebook.


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    Open the custom domain toneden link and click on one of the buttons to go to a streaming service. Pixel should fire and then you will see the event also show up on the web events page


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      georgik Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I’m still unable to add an event. When I click “add event” it adds a row, but it will not allow me to select a pixel.

      I just setup a ToneDen landing page using my domain, which was verified to launch a new campaign. In the events Test area, I see my Page View & View Content events firing there, but the View Content has 2 warnings.
      1. Pixel and Catalog Not Paired
      2. Missing Content ID Parameter

      Any ideas on what’s happening? If I can’t figure this out I’ll just delete the campaign because I don’t want to be putting money into and having it not be able to optimize.


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        You have to contact Toneden support