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  • Getting more Spotify followers

    I just did a little experiment this week with my Tonden link that increased the amount of people that followed my Spotify profile.

    When my newest song first launched I used Tonden as usual, linking directly to the song in the ad. I was was getting $0.10 conversions, and $0.90 follows. Not bad.

    After the new song climbed to the top of my popular songs I switched out the Spotify link to go to my artist page instead of directly to the song. The artist page has a big green follow button, but individual song/album pages do not, so people are more likely to click it. Now my follows cost $0.47. Almost twice as many as before per dollar spent on ads. My conversion rate and save rate stayed about the same as before the change. It also has the benefit of playing all your catalogue in order of popularity, so you will have a better chance of making an impression on the person who clicked your ad.

    I waited for the song to reach the top before switching because a newly launched song is not as visible on the artist page as the most popular song, and I didnt want to add any roadblocks to people clicking my ad. My current theory is that linking to your artist page before the song in the ad becomes your most popular song on your profile will screw up your campaign, but I didnt test it out. YMMV.

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    That's a coole tip! Thanks!


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      Yeah, I heard about the "profile trick" from a few people and set up a new release that way and got almost the same number of followers as saves. Not doing that again. The saves should have been higher. We had a link to the song in the artist pick, but that wasn't enough. Just switched it to go straight to the song (after a week) and will leave it like that until for another week or so.