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  • Andrew's "Fan Also Like" section

    I was just looking at Andrew's "Fans Also Like" section and I found it interesting to see that over 80% of the artist listed there also run Facebook conversion ads using Toneden or Hypeddit (as seen in the Ad Library). There are even artists like Young L3x whose genre I would think is completely different to Andrew's so I would see no reason for fans of one to be listening to the other. Does anyone know why this happening?

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    because he made a youtube video with young l3x about fb ads and then people go check them out on spotify


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      That's a fair point. However, the fact that the video was made over 6 months ago and is targeted at music marketers (not at fans of either artist's genre) makes me doubt that to this day it is still generating enough monthly listeners for both of them to share a 'Fans Also Like' section?

      In any case, that still doesn't explain other artists showing up on there like The March Divide or Cozy James, both of whom are in completely different genres and with whom Andrew has never made any videos.

      The fact that the vast majority of artists in Andrew's "Fans Also Like" section have or are running the same type of conversion ads (including The March Divide and Cozy James (who is currently not running any but you can see from comments on his Youtube videos that he used to run Instagram ads)) suggests to me that we are simply seeing the result of Facebook's algorithm successfully finding people who best convert on Spotify ads.

      My only concern and the reason for this post is whether those types of people would convert on ANY Spotify conversion ad, regardless of genre. This would pollute our Spotify profiles with bad data, because ideally you want your "Fans Also Like" section to be full of people who sound similar to you -- because that's who Spotify algorithmically suggests your music to.


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        hoping to get Andrew's take on this <3