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the impact of paying more for ads

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  • the impact of paying more for ads

    does anyone know the real impact of paying more for an ad budget? for example paying 20$ a day instead of 5$ a day, what factors does that really impact?

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    Apparently, Facebook needs 25 to 50 conversions to optimize an adset (if you leave it alone and don't do any edits). Doing $20 a day in the beginning of the campaign helps Facebook optimize faster so that you your cost per conversion is lower sooner so you can get more traffic the first week after a release. Andrew's strategy is to get the data to trip a Release Radar push. Spotify seems to care not just about your data, but the time period it took to reach it. So, 200 saves the first week is better than 200 saves the first month. That's the main take away. If you aren't trying to trip the Spotify algorithm, it just takes longer to optimize.


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      I've run ads at $40 a day and ramped them down to $5 a day. When isolating each days cost/conversion I noticed them getting slightly cheaper as I lower my daily spend. It not much of a difference, it could just be random. I dont think I would take it into consideration as far as cost goes.

      OnyxX covers the bigger issue. I've heard from many people that lots of listeners on release day will do well in the Spotify algorithms. A high spend out of the gate that ramps down is the way to do it. In full honesty I have never run a flat budget or a budget that ramps up, nor have I heard of someone doing it so I cant say for sure that it wont work.