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FB ads "Learning" label not showing

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  • OnyxX
    My Facebook has the same thing. From what I can find, it's a glitch that some of us have, but Facebook still goes through a learning phase, but you don't see it or know it. Apparently, it's the first 25 to 50 conversions for each adset, starting over after every edit. So, if you are constantly turning on and off or editing your adsets, you will always be starting over. Ideally, you want a budget of $10 for each adset that you want to optimize. So, you start with your test ads and whittle them down to one or two and then just let them run. Keeping too many adsets running will raise your CPC (from what I understand). This has been my problem, too. Too many adsets and too many edits. Supposedly, your adset should be optimized somewhere in the 25-50 conversion range. I let one adset run for two or three weeks without touching it and it got down to $.18 per conversion at the lowest point. I didn't understand until now that the key is to find a winner, and then leave it alone!

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  • EDM Beats
    there's a clickable titel link in the adset, if you click on that you see the adset in learningfase if it's still in there

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  • charod
    I would like to know this answer as well. I have the same issue.

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  • SHK
    started a topic FB ads "Learning" label not showing

    FB ads "Learning" label not showing

    Hi all.

    I recently learned that for some people Facebook shows a "Learning" label on the adsets while they are in the learning phase, but in my case Facebook has never labeled any of my adsets as in the learning phase-- it just says "Active" right from the start. I have had very poor results with FB ads so far, so I'm wondering if I've set something wrong and my ads aren't actually going through the learning phase, just delivering from the get-go without optimising themselves.

    Does everybody get the "learning" label on their adsets? Can anyone tell me if I need to fix something to force my adsets into the Learning phase?