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Distrokid Hyperfollow or Toneden trigger the same pixel event for different campaigns

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  • Distrokid Hyperfollow or Toneden trigger the same pixel event for different campaigns

    Hey guys,
    so I ran this Conversion campaigns the last few weeks and the results have been so good. I´ve got a cost per conversion at around 0,15€ - some other bands I did that for even scored as low as 0,10€ and below.
    Anyways, I did one via Distrokid Hyperfollow and one via Toneden fanlink triggering the clickSpotify and respectively the showContent events.
    So this week my band released a new single and I did another campaign via Hyperfollow. I noticed that the pixel event is (of course) the same in this campaign as in the older - "clickSpotify".
    For Toneden it is the same, it´s the "showContent" event.

    Do you guys find this to be a problem?
    So that multiple campaigns trigger the exact SAME event.
    For me I feel it´ll be a bit cleaner and easier to separate if the events we´re called like "clickSpotifySongA" or maybe "clickSpotifySongB".
    I even contacted Distrokid via Twitter and asked if you could name the events for yourself but unfortunately that seems not to be the case - but maybe theyll implement it.

    I feel like if I ran two campaigns for different songs on the SAME landing page the FB algorithm or pixel might not separate that well.
    But maybe I am completely unaware that this is not a problem at all whatsoever.

    Curious to hear what you guys think and experienced!

    Kind regards,

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    You're okay. ALL of your campaigns will always use "clickSpotify" or whatever. They way you differentiate is when you are setting up the adset, each different song will have a different URL pointing to the particular different song. If you go back to your adsets, you can see that each one points to a different URL/song.