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Linking to a playlist insted of a track?

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  • Linking to a playlist insted of a track?

    Hi. Has anyone tried making a conversion campaign but instead of directing the audience to a single track, lead them to a playlist featuring your new song as well as your other most recent tracks? I used to to this all the time before doing ad campaigns, since it increases the plays for other songs as well as the new one.

    I did my first ad campaign a couple weeks back and decided to do this because it seemed logical to me. What are your thoughts? I ran a $100 USD campaign, getting about 460 conversions. What I found interesting is that the playlist got about 200 new followers. But the track only got added to about 25 user playlists. So I guess it doesn't help much to trigger the release radar algorithm, right? Maybe those 200 followers of the playlist would have turned into the song being added to 200 user playlists?

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    Hey I'm running my first Ad Campaign for a recent release right now. I send the people to a Spotify playlist for two reasons:
    • Some people might listen further into the playlist meaning a spillover effect to my other songs
    • In Spotify for Artists, I can see how many streams the song did on the exact playlist. This is my control to see the exact number on how many streams my campaign resulted in
    Have a good day!


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      This is actually how I grow playlists. You'll get plenty of followers on the playlist, and you'll get a good amount of streams, but you won't get as many saves / playlist additions or followers.


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        Yup. Campaign ended now and only got the song added in 29 playlists, 169 saves, and 392 listeners. So no Release Radar triggering for this one ☹

        I have a new track coming out next month. This time I'll try leading the campaign to the track itself instead of the playlist to see any changes. I'll let you know.