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How long do you wait before you tweak your ads?

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  • How long do you wait before you tweak your ads?

    I'm running $10 a day ads to four ad sets (based on band targeting) and each set has a clip from a different part of the song. On day one I notice that "Outro" has generated 0 View Content and "Pre-Chorus" has generated 5. Would you turn off "Outro" right away, or wait 3 - 4 days?


    I found the answer:
    Don't touch anything until you have 50 conversions!

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    Hey, boogie. If it's clearly going terrible, maybe I wouldn't wait until 50 conversions. It really depends entirely on the details. If you're getting little results but they're all super high cost as opposed to a more successful ad set that has a lot more responses and much cheaper results, I would turn the thing off early and save my money. But if it's such a big difference, there's a chance that facebook is already doing the optimizing for you to an extent.


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      My rule of thumb is don't turn something off until its spent at least $5 in that ad set, and preferably $5 in most or all of your ad sets. Preferably also if its been longer than 24 hours as well so you avoid day by day fluctuations.

      Its probably more reliable to wait until 50 conversions, but after $5 of ad spend for our type of campaign you have a good enough idea of how things are going to go. If you were trying to sell a T-Shirt or something, or get people on a mailing list, that number would be very different. But for THIS type of campaign its roughly $5 in each ad set in my experience.