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Ads more expensive at the weekend?

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  • Ads more expensive at the weekend?

    Is anyone else finding conversions more expensive at the weekend?

    On my best ongoing £1 a day ad I have been getting £0.04 conversions pretty consistently this week, but Saturday so far they have doubled to £0.08.

    I'm wondering if when I release on a Friday I should use the weekend for lower budget testing of different ads, and then ramp up the spend on the Monday for a few days to really push the traffic for the algorithm, then taper down.

    Anyone tried this?

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    I have heard this elsewhere, and I REALLY noticed a big increase in cost this last weekend (Thanksgiving weekend in the US). That being said, .08 pounds is still pretty cheap!


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      Ah of course, it was Thanksgiving weekend. Being UK based I hadn't thought of that. I stupidly put out my last release during the week the US election was being counted and conversion cost was crazy.

      Hoping to steer clear of major events with future releases! I agree though 0.08 is pretty good, but I prefer my usual 0.04, which it has now returned to since the weekend =).

      Here's hoping I can get to that cost for my next new release!


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        I have noticed in the Ad Library that Young L3x and Andrew are not running any ads right now. Could this be because ads are very expensive in December?


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          Perhaps! I had a release on Friday so doing some promo but I probably won't being doing much advertising as we get closer to Christmas. My experience with the US election suggests that advertising might get quite saturated as we get into peak Christmas present shopping time. In countries that celebrate Christmas of course, perhaps it's a good time to focus on fans in other parts of the world?