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  • Worldwide ad campain start time

    Hello everyone,

    I'm from Germany and want to start a worldwide (of course Spotify countries only) Facebook/Instagram campaign to promote my second single. I have chosen Distrokid as my distributor.
    For the first single I have chosen Friday 12 am in Germany as release time. So I couldn't start the campaign until the morning because the song was not yet available in all countries.
    Furthermore, the song already got about 40 clicks on Thursday.
    I'm worried that a small number of clicks will harm the algorithm, because you should try to get as many clicks as possible on the first day.

    To avoid this for my next campaign I have found the feature "Time synchronization".
    This lets me choose a release time in New York and the song will be available "simultaneously in all other countries at the same time, regardless of time zone".

    I now have two options:

    1. I could choose 6 pm in New York as release time. The song will be released worldwide and again at 12 am in Germany.
    The problem is that the song will be officially released on Thursday and I will get the first clicks on Thursday again which I donĀ“t want.

    2. I could release the song at 6 am in New York. So the song will be released in Germany at 12 pm. I think this way I could avoid getting clicks on Thursday because it's already Friday worldwide.

    Maybe someone in this forum already has more experience than me and can give me some advice


    Best regards from Hamburg