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Landing page design (HyperFollow vs. Hypeddit vs. ...)

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  • Landing page design (HyperFollow vs. Hypeddit vs. ...)

    Hey guys,

    first post. please don't bite.

    Right now I am losing 60% on Distrokid's HyperFollow landing page. And I feel like the reason could be the design of that page. There is a big button saying "SPOTIFY", but to me it doesn't really look trustworthy.
    Hypeddit has that nice Spotify Logo and it makes the whole thing look way less fishy.

    I wonder what your experiences are and wouldn't it be better to just guide the listeners straight to spotify, so they cannot be lost on the landing page?

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    Yes, the problem may be the landing page design. You should review this page's structure carefully to identify and resolve the problem. I would best recommend asking for the help of a specialist to do this job for you. This will make it much easier and safer for you to go to the right result and eliminate the design problems on the landing page. I did this when I had problems with designing my website pages. I could see some problems, but I didn't know what they were and with the help of, I identified and solved everything faster.
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