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Custom Conversion for Youtube/Spotify Conversions Ad?? *Confused*

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  • Custom Conversion for Youtube/Spotify Conversions Ad?? *Confused*

    Hey guys,

    So recently I have been trying to run mainly a conversions ad for my music video. I just don't know if I'm setting up the custom conversion correctly.

    I am using Toneden as my landing page. So what I have been doing is setting up a landing page with ONLY my Youtube link and I set up a custom conversion. In that custom conversion, I enter the name of course and I select my pixel (which is the same pixel that I am putting in the toneden link). Under "conversions event" I select view content (because I want them to view the content on this site which is the youtube video) and under "Rules" I select "URL" and "contains" and then what I enter is the URL of my actual landing page in the "Add URL keyword" box. Then I select create.
    But it comes out as inactive so then I go back to events manager and I test the site. When I test the landing page, it says "page view" and then when I click on the youtube video in the landing page, it says "view content" with the name of my custom conversion. Then this makes it active. (PS not sure if I did this correctly to get the proper conversion)

    So thats when I go back to create my campaign which I select "Website" as Conversion Event Location, I select my pixel (same pixel I have on my landing page), and then under the Conversions Event, I select the conversions event that I just made active. And I proceed with my ad set and ads as I normally would.

    This is the process that I have been using to make a conversions campaign. But I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. I don't know who I can ask about this. If I am doing it wrong, what do I need to correct?

    The reason I ask is because on the campaigns that I have running with these settings, I don't see the views on the youtube video reflecting the conversions I'm getting. For example, I would get 3 conversions and the youtube video did not go up 3 views. So it gets me to think that I'm doing something wrong.

    PS. Side note: I run ad ad set with Green Light and one with Negative green light which targets all the mid to lower economy countries. I set a max daily price on the negative green light ads of $2 out of a $5 daily budget. Would you say this is okay or should I bump it down to maybe $1 max daily limit.
    I know this is a little long, I apologize

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