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Can I retarget my native visitors?

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  • Can I retarget my native visitors?

    Hi Everyone
    Is it possible to retarget my native landing page visitors with a facebook ad? I will create a landing page with ToneDen or Hyperfollow and integrate my pixel.
    If someone visits the website from outside facebook, will the pixel still fire a conversion? Is it possible to later target those visitors in an ad?

    And how can I retarget them, if they click on the ad but don't click on the Spotify button? This generally shows that they are interested, but they didn't yet convert to listeners. I think it would be interesting to retarget them in a separate Ad (e.g. "Have you listened to my song yet?").
    Thanks, have a good day.

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    Yes you can! The pixel conversions still fire and collect people even if they aren't coming from your ads. To retarget them you need to make a custom audience using the landing page conversion, whatever it is for the service you're using. Then you can put that custom audience in an ad set to target those people.


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      Perfect! Doesn't sound very complicated. I'll try it for my next campaign.