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Link toneden to release or track for Spotify algorithm

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  • Link toneden to release or track for Spotify algorithm

    For me releases I tend to have a radio edit and a full version, as I'm doing long electronic dance music tracks,

    I call the radio edit 'Song Title' and the original long version 'Song Title - Extended Mix'. I did this originally after getting feedback from playlist curators that I needed shorter edits of tracks, and seeing what more established artists do.

    For my latest release I set up a toneden page with a link to the release, thinking then listeners can choose which version they want. Personally I'd always choose the extended mix if I was in their shoes as a fan of this sort of music.

    I'm wondering though, would I be best to link to a particular track, probably the radio edit, because that would maximise listens on that one track. I'm getting high quality ratios for multiple streams per listener and saves, as well as follows, but would they be better concentrated on a single track, or is it OK for them to be spread across tracks on the release?

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    Hi My friend, how are you? Hope you're doing great.
    I work with music marketing for Electronic Music here in Brazil and I have my 2 cents on this.
    As you are a Producer and maybe a DJ, you're biased in searching for Extended versions because that's your default mode, but when we look to the fans in general and "normal" spotify listeners, "the shorter the version, the better". There are metrics that says that if you don't catch the listeners attention in the first 5 seconds, they will skip the song.
    So, for the mater of concentrating plays and saves in one track, yes, that's what I would do because the highers save per streamer ratio, the more spotify algorith will recomend you on playlists. If you're destiling numbers in different tracks, that's a "loss", unless both tracks go to release radar or discover weekly, witch is highly unlikly.

    Hope your campaign is doing great!

    Have a wonderful week and sorry for bad english!


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      Originally posted by Diogo O'Band View Post
      Hi My friend, how are you?
      Thanks! That's good to know. I do want to continue to release the different versions as I know some fans like extended versions and also through my distributor I need to get those extended versions to download sites like beatport, however I think I will link to the short version in my promo and not the whole release.