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Detailed Targeting Expansion: - Do you use this?

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  • Detailed Targeting Expansion: - Do you use this?

    I was just curious if this is something anyone had had any good results with . thanks!

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    I've not really experimented with it, but in one of Andrew's videos I am sure he said that it really depended on what he wanted for the ads. I guess if your objective is to really target a particular group then you wouldn't want to, if it's just to get as cheap conversions as possible it might be worth it.


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      For my latest campaign, I used it since I basically copied the Toneden campaign that they created for me to promote my spotify. But whether it was helpful or not I can't really say. I'm struggling a lot with this campaign, first I accidentally targeted India too, then market place sucked everything up, afte rchanging that I had 290 conversions at 7 ct per conversions but only 30 Spotify streams. So I began from scratch and am only ttargeting Instastories now, but that is waaaaay more expensive than the last campaign I ran for some reason.


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        I left it on for my first campaign this week and it fucked everything up.

        I had almost 350 conversions for like 30 streams. Turned it off and now my costs suck but atleast my conversions and streams number make sense.


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          I use it as an 'audience size control' basically. For example if I want to target Pop Music in one ad set, but then in another target San Holo or something who has a much smaller audience size. I'd turn it on for San Holo to bring the audience size up to Pop Music.

          It depends though, sometimes I use it and sometimes I don't. Its another variable you can play with in my opinion.


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            Thanks guys!