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  • Cost control

    Do any of you use the cost control option to eliminate the peaks in your cost per conversion?

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    I don't. By default Facebook will optimize your campaign for the most conversions at the lowest cost, so i'm 100% sure how the cost control would affect a campaign. My guess is that the campaign would struggle to spend your daily budget if its taking more impressions to convert people.

    Might be worth a test if you're down for it, but i've never tried it.


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      So I actually tested this over the last few days and, lo and behold, just as you said -- even outside of the learning stage it struggled to spend my daily budget if to took too many impressions to get conversions. And on a $5 budget on some days it spent $1, got 2 conversions at $0.50 per conversion and stopped showing my ad for that day since $0.50 was double my cost control. Would not recommend lol