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Narrowing custom audiencs

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  • Narrowing custom audiencs

    Does anyone know how to do this? If you set up an audience in detailed targeting based on interests you can narrow it to just those who also like Spotify or Bandcamp. I'd love to be able to target the subset of my engagers (custom audience) that have Spotify.

    Can anyone enlighten me how?

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    Hey When defining your audience, you can set some keywords in the first field (eg. Queen, Freddie Mercury). There is a second field where you can include more keywords (eg. Spotify).

    The first field acts as "or". Meaning, if people like Queen OR Freddie Mercury, they will be added to the Audience.
    The second field is "AND". Meaning, the people need to like Queen OR Freddie Mercury, AND additionally they need to like/have Spotify to get added to your audience.

    I'm not logged in to Facebook where I am right now, so I can't send you a screenshot. The Button to add AND-acting tags is right beneath the field where you add the keywords.
    Hope that helps a bit

    PS: Important: If you target Spotify Users only, make sure your Landing Page only has a Spotify Link on it. Otherwise, people will click on eg. Apple Music and still trigger the conversion. Facebooks Algorythm will then think it was an successful conversion and might start targeting similar people.


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      Thanks, when I use a custom audience such as engagers I can't seem to do this. It has the OR box, and if I put something in there the AND box is available if I click 'narrow'. However it doesn't seem to work with the custom audience.


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        Click image for larger version

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        Hi - this is a screenshot on how I added the additional interests. (Don't mind the language😉)

        AndrewSouthworth I have a question for you: Do you check the box at the bottom? ("Reach people outside my targets, if it is likely that the performance improves")
        I guess that Facebook then also shows the Ad to people outside the targeted audience. I don't know if it makes sense to show the Ad to other people too, it could be lost money as they are outside my targeting..
        Thanks 🙋‍♂️