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    Hey guys, I want to promote my new music video with Instagram and Facebook Ads. Do you have any experience with this? I did a converison campaign with Toneden for my single release, which went very well. Now I'm wondering what I need to change for a music video. Would you also create a conversion campaign? For example, I could add the Youtube button on Toneden. And maybe remove spotify and apple music for now. Or just a traffic campaign? I also read that a video view campaign can help. With a short clip from the video and then post the video in the comment. Thanks for your help!

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    If you are hosting the video on YouTube you may want to go with google ads. The problem with linking to YouTube from FB/IG is that it will not launch the app for mobile users, instead it opens up within IG/FB. That doesnt seem like a big deal since they can still watch the video, but people will have to log in to their account if they want to like or comment. Next to nobody is going to log in just to connect with a band/artist they have never heard before leaving you with little audience growth.

    Another option is to use a site like URLgeni to force IG/FB to open the app but keep in mind that costs you a penny per click, which might be worth it if you are building a good audience.

    Lastly you can host the video on FB/IG and just have a video views campaign which is the cheapest option, but it will not grow a YouTube following.


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      Thank you so much. I think I just found a good way to do it. I will do a conversion campaign with a toneden link only using the youtube option. I just tried it out and the people are logged in. I can update you how it worked out if you are interested.


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        Thats great! I just clicked a couple of ads from IG and went to YouTube and they all opened within IG and I was not logged in, but if you are getting good results then that's all that matters. Hope your campaign continues to go well!


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          Thank you! Maybe toneden works better than other smart links.