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High Cost Per Click!!! Please Help

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  • High Cost Per Click!!! Please Help

    I believe I am following all methods from the videos but I am regularly over a dollar and more commonly around 80-90 cents per conversion any thoughts? PIXEL is set up correctly daily budget is 25.

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    What exactly is your ad? Could you maybe post a clip? I would suggest maybe pausing them meanwhile, unless you're comfortable using $25 daily with high conversion rates.


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      just saw this, looking to make a new add for my song coming out tomorrow

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    I'm also getting high cost per result but I'm going to press ahead and see what I can learn. Also, it's only been 24 hours since my campaign started so hopefully the FB algorithm can learn more. I'll go ahead a post a detailed explanation of my campaign along with results so far.

    I created an audience with all countries that have Spotify minus India
    I am doing a conversion campaign using the Distrokid Hyperfollow landing page with just a link to the song on Spotify and also a tiny icon to my Instagram
    I'm using all placements except audience network
    I'm using campaign optimization
    I set my audience to ages 13 - 25 based on tests I ran earlier. I'm allowing both genders.
    For interests, I require Spotify and then one genre per ad set. I don't know who to compare myself to in terms of artists so I chose genres shown in a table below.
    I made six ad sets in total with four ads in each. Two of the ads are simple animations and two are of a woman I hired on Fiverr. Each ad showcases a different part of the song for 15 seconds.
    My plan is to start with a $25 / day budget for 2 or 3 days. I then plan to spend $10 / day for 20 more days. So at least $250

    My 24 hour results (genre columns are cost per result within that ad set):
    Elapsed hours Conversions Cost per Conversion Pop House Trance Synthpop Techno EDM
    2 1 $3.17 $0.27
    4 4 $1.32 $1.41 $1.22 $0.40
    9 9 $1.11 $1.23 $0.74 $0.92 $0.07
    10 13 $0.86 $0.79 $0.81 $0.53 $0.07
    17 20 $0.85 $0.72 $0.85 $0.73 $2.54 $0.11
    24 26 $1.00 $0.90 $0.72 $1.16 $3.77 $0.24
    The genre that is giving me the most results is Pop with 15 out of 26. The second best is House with 7 out of 26.

    Aside from these, I've also looked at ad engagement and noticed that I've had 37 post saves and 7 shares in addition to the conversions.

    For demographics, I've got:
    13-17 : 16 results
    18-24 : 9 results
    25-34 : 1 result

    For gender:
    Male : 18 results
    Female : 8 results

    For devices:
    23 Android
    2 iPhone
    1 Desktop

    At this point, I'm thinking I might turn off the Synthpop and Techno ad sets because I'm spending some money there with pretty much no results.

    Sadly, of the 12 results that registered for Friday, I've seen zero streams on Spotify. I hope to eventually get some.

    For further reference:

    One of my ads with the woman (these are FB permalinks where I'm being notified that people are liking):

    My best performing ad:

    --- Update on Nov 1 ---

    As I mentioned in a different thread, my FB account got restricted for ads about 20 hours into the second day of the campaign. I will have to wait and see if they allow me to post ads again

    The results ended up being that I got up to 50 conversions on my hyperfollow page and received some action on Spotify:

    2 song saves
    6 listeners
    84 streams

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      How your engagement and quality ranking? Often they can tell if youre showing your ad to relevant people and/or your ad sin engaging enough.