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Fixed Ad budget - spend less per day for longer?

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  • Fixed Ad budget - spend less per day for longer?

    I believe that the general consensus on budget allocation is to start the campaign with a few higher spend days and then lower the amount spent per day for the rest of the campaign. On this point, I'd like to hear from someone with experience about why spending more on the first few days is better. It could be that you want to get the most streams as early as possible when releasing a track (for the benefit of the Spotify algorithm)

    But the early days are also the days when the FB algorithm is still learning who responds well to the ads. So I'm wondering about cases where one wants to run a campaign again on some date much later than the release date. In that case, would it still make sense to front load the amount of money spent? Perhaps it costs about the same to get the algorithm past the learning stage for a specific ad campaign (more money means faster learning?)

    Once you get past the initial few days, if you had $100 left on your planned budget, is it better to spend it fast or slow? So $10/day for 10 days or $5/day for 20 days? Does it make sense to show it to fewer people but for longer? Maybe it matters to the Spotify algorithm?