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  • Spotify Follower / Growth Campaigns with Tonden (free version)

    Hey guys,

    so I advertised a song through FB ads after it was released and that worked great! I'm wondering what to do in between releases though, or as prep for a release. I tried the Hyperfollow Distrokid presave link, but conversions are crazy expensive (my theory is that upon link click, you actuually need to log in to Spotify from scratch, which very few are willing to do - unless you already used a hyperfollow link before and its stashed in your cookies or something).

    So, how do you properly set up a follow campaign? Which conversions do you use (view content to click through to Spotify and Facebook?), and which Toneden links? Toneden offers a smartlink which gets people directly to your Spotify account - somehow this didn't trigger any conversions for me though so no option to retarget. Then there's the big links which I customized to get people to Apple Music and Spotify. Alas, most people seemed to just listen to my songs and not follow. Now that I'm typing this out, it might be because I'm advertising with a song that is as of yet unreleased (I was hoping people would follow to hear it when its released), so maybe I should run ads on an old song to get people to follow me?

    Lots of love and big thank you for any tips and tricks provided!


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    Presaves are a hard sell for cold traffic. You are asking someone to stop looking at FB/Insta to go to another web site to click around so they can maybe get served a song by an artist they have never heard of in a few days. It could work if they have already heard your music, but otherwise it feels like a waste their time and your money.

    If you want to keep ads going I would think about using a song that you already have posted especially if it is getting you new followers.

    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks a lot, it does! Yeah honestly I think the hyperfollow link is pretty useless, not gonna do that again.