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Turning Off Expensive Ads

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  • Turning Off Expensive Ads

    Hi guys,
    I am running my first conversation campaign and just wondered at what point do people turn off the more expensive ads.
    Do you let the campaign run for a good few days to Optimise and the do it. Or if you can see a clearly under performing one (say double the cost) you turn it straight off in the early stages?
    Would love to know your approaches to this matter and what you have discovered works best.


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    Following this thread...


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      Running my first ad and started turning "bad" ones off possibly too early. And then my "good" ones started performing badly. If I had it to do over again, I think I would have waiting until 5-7 days had gone by, rather than Day 3 for starting to shut things off. I think maybe the algorithm figures out when to shut things off on its own. But full disclosure: My campaign is not doing well, and my LAL audience of people who have converted has gotten ZERO conversions on its own.


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        I am not an expert but I am going to give advice anyway.😜 I have only done this twice so take my advice with a grain of salt.

        I like to start an ad with 3 sections of the song and 2 visuals for a total of 6 ad sets. However I start with ONE broad audience instead of serving the ads to a bunch of different audiences. That way your ads can exit the learning phase quickly because you are not splitting the budget. At that point you can see which ads are working and which are not. You can now duplicate your ad to different audiences but only keep the top 2-3 ads. Other than that I I leave ads on and let FB sort it out. They have a solid algorithm and I think Ad optimization knows much more than I do about splitting budgets/killing bad ads.