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HELP!!! $15 Per Click :O what?!?!

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  • HELP!!! $15 Per Click :O what?!?!

    Hello lovely people!
    For some reason my conversion campaign is a bit bugged. I can't figure out why... Does anyone happen to know.. would love to get help on this.
    My latest ad has received more than 300+ streams on the song, $5 a day for almost a weekish. Nothing I don't mind however, the conversion click thing is only counting all of this as 1 click. Which leads me to believe theres either an issue with pixel tracking, or idk... Does anyone know what the problem might be?? Hypeddit numbers and Spotify numbers are working, however on facebook ads it says my entire campaign has only gotten one click...

    TLDR: Lots of streams, conversion campaign only says its 1 click. Anyone know what the issue could be?
    Thanks to all!

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    This sounds like a Pixel / conversion setup issue. You have to make a custom conversion using the Hypeddit Smart Link Click conversion event, and use that custom conversion in your ad set as the conversion event. Another option is to just use ToneDen, its a lot easier to set up.


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      BTW, by ToneDen, I mean their free landing page service.