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One Ad Set Eating My Budget.

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  • One Ad Set Eating My Budget.

    Hey guys, what advice would you give to improve my campaign?
    As you can see rock music is eating up most of my budget! Would you turn it off??

    Please see attached pic with all the detail.

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    Bruh at $0.08 you want to turn it off? Those are cheap results, be happy!

    P.S. this is why I don't use campaign budget optimisation


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      I should have mentioned this is my first Facebook campaign I have done after watching Andrews videos. So really don't know what results to expect.
      I have to say the content views are definitely alot higher that what results I am seeing on my Spotify for Artist.
      It's actually pretty awful on 300 content clicks on Thursday 53 streams on this track yesterday after £25 spent on this campaign.
      Now the song does start off quite slow and builds up to the good stuff. Do you think it is a case of people not allowing it to stream for 30sec to count as a stream?
      Or does it normally start off like that and the streams start build up over afew days.

      ​​​​​​I just feel like I am doing something wrong.


      • stergdikos
        stergdikos commented
        Editing a comment
        Have you tried running a campaign that optimizes for Hypeddit/Tonedon Link Click-Throughs?

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      I am running a conversation campaign through Tonden with the only option being Spotify. Just surprised to see the numbers so far off.


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        I hope you're not using the Toneden setting that automatically sends people to their "preferred" service. Because that way you can't weed out bots


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          Oh right!! I didn't know that was a thing. I will have a check now. Thank you.


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            It sounds like it’s going very well by price per conversion, but if results aren’t coming to Spotify that could be an issue. Make sure audience network is turned off in the placements as that’s caused a lot of issues lately.


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     mentioned that "make sure audience network is turned off" , is there something specific going on with it? is there something out there that you read about? or what kind of specific issues is it causing? thanks....