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Insta stories ad that take up two stories

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  • Insta stories ad that take up two stories

    Does anyone know how to create Instagram stories ads that take up two stories? I tried uploading a 30 second Insta stories ad and that didn't work, it just trimmed it to 15 seconds


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    I don't think you can for an ad, only for a normal story, personally I find long stories really annoying!


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      I've done it before but i'm not sure since they changed the ad interface. Theirs a button somewhere on the ads page for 'Stories Carousel', and it might only work on IG stories.

      Its worth testing out, but just pointing out that I don't use multiple story ads and I don't think they'd work particularly good for music. But maybe you have a niche application where it makes sense.


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        Just bumping this since I found out what the answer is:

        "Instagram Stories will play video ads that are 15 seconds or less for the full duration of the video. Video ads that are longer than 15 seconds will be split into separate Stories cards. Instagram will display either 1, 2, or 3 cards automatically before giving viewers the option to tap Keep Watching to see the remainder of the video. By default, the number of cards automatically displayed before prompting viewers to tap Keep Watching is tailored to each viewer."