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My first ad, day 3 moves--and questions

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  • My first ad, day 3 moves--and questions

    Per Andrew's video from a couple of days ago, please let's discuss this over on the Genera Studio Forums--where I have duplicated this post. It would be nice to have the Forum be more active and Posts like this would organize better and be easier to see in a thread over there. Okay?


    So I'm a total newbie to Facebook Ads, loved Andrew's course, and I'm promoting my first single--a "country" song. (I already have 3 albums up over at Spotify and have noticed that a couple of them got some play yesterday. Cool "side effect").

    I set up 18 Ad Sets--one for each of 18 "country" artists. Budgeted $30/day, and today on Day 3 I've made my first changes. Dropped one ad set that was expensive (sorry, Waylon). Merged together 3 smaller artists where there had been no conversions at all. And on ALL ads I changed my "age range", as the youngsters were much more expensive. Running $.56 per conversion to Spotify via DistroKid's Hyperfollow. Here are some questions I have, that I'll bet some of the rest of you have, too:

    1) Each ad set says "Active". Does that mean it has stopped "learning"? I thought learning took place until there were 50 conversions per ad set--which, if true, would take a month or more!

    2) When I go in and change something--like the age range as I did--does "learning" start all over again?

    3) Most of my ad sets, being country artists, had over 10 million people in potential. Andrew and others say try and limit to 1-3 million per ad set. Is that a big deal? If so, how do I fix that? P.S. I'm using all countries, minus India.

    4) Is Day 3 a good time to look and revise--which is what I did--or should I have waited a few more days?

    5) My song was actually "released" a couple of weeks ago, so I don't have my heart on getting on Release Radar, etc., since I think there are pre-planning and timing issues. Where can I find a step-by-step discussion of that? Distrokid had my song out the very next day after I uploaded it, but I think I read somewhere you had to apply a week ahead of time to be considered for Release Radar, etc. A step-by-step would be much appreciated.

    6) Along those same lines, if I have my heart set on getting on Release Radar WHAT BUDGET is recommended? $50 per day? More? And for how long?

    7) And how many "conversions" are necessary before you would use them to set up a LAL (look alike) audience?

    Anyway, thanks in advance to all of you who address this, and, again--let's do the discussion over in the Forum. :-)

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    So let me post an answer to #7, having GOOGLED around. Recommended minimum is 100, although you won't do as well as 1000. At Day 3, I'm almost at 150 so I might try adding a LAL audience tomorrow, figuring it should do better than random. Which brings up my question #8:

    8) When you have a LAL audience going, does it continue to improve automatically the bigger your original audience is? Or do you need to keep doing new LALs as you hit 300/400/500 conversions in your original audience?


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      Pretty Cinders, over in the Spotify Growth Machine Group at Facebook, provided these excellent answers, which I am reposting here:

      1 - active means it’s working and continues to learn.
      2 - probably, or is at least hampered temporarily as it has to readjust
      3 - limit by other things. Add a picture of a cat to your creative and make it also target cat people. That’ll cut it down to 20% probably (just an example)
      4 - more patient you can be the more real your answers will be. 3 days is very early.
      5 - release radar is an automatic thing. The thing you need to apply to a week before may be editorial playlists - a different thing.
      6 - release radar doesn’t quite work how you think it does. Recommend doing some googling as you’ll find an answer really quick and I’m late for work


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        My own answer to #8, after a little GOOGLING: "When being used, a lookalike will dynamically update every 3 to 7 days, assuming the source audience it is based on is also dynamically updating such as audiences based on pixel events. This saves a lot of time as you don't have to keep creating new audiences for every new campaign."


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          LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE ISSUE: I was just going to make a Lookalike Audience for people who have already "converted"--but you don't just need 100+ people...they have to come FROM THE SAME COUNTRY. 100 from the same country!


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            Originally posted by jerrypettit View Post
            LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE ISSUE: I was just going to make a Lookalike Audience for people who have already "converted"--but you don't just need 100+ people...they have to come FROM THE SAME COUNTRY. 100 from the same country!
            Maybe it's worth picking the country we most want to grow, have a campaign with all of the budget focused there and try optimizing along the way. Then once we have 100+, we can at least do lookalike on that one country.

            I'm also starting to wonder what's the lowest cost that Andrew has achieved for the US alone. Much of the conversation revolves around average cost across the world but it would be good to have a benchmark goal for one major country. That way maybe I could optimize everything for that one country during a test run and if I'm too far from the benchmark, then perhaps it means that my ad/song might be lacking.