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Best Campaign Objective to Promote a Livestream

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  • Best Campaign Objective to Promote a Livestream

    Hey Everyone!!
    I've got an upcoming livestream farewell show with my band before I move. The event will take place off of Facebook on a different site but I want to use ads to promote the show as much as possible. We are a little over a month away so there is time to promote. My question is, what would be the best objective for show promotion?

    I've set my audience to people who have already engaged with my FB page and Instagram over the last year, attended some of my more popular livestreams from this year, engaged with Ads and who have visited my website. I figure it would be better to target people who already know me vs. campaigns where I'm trying to push more people I may not know already, to Spotify.

    Any thoughts/ideas would be great! Thank you!


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    I agree with you that "cold strangers" wouldn't be likely to be cost-effective. It sounds to me like you're doing the right thing.


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      Your thought process is good, but it can be risky targeting people that have already engaged with your pages because 'engage' is a very loose term on Facebook. Just make sure you're getting results in some way that you can track them, like opt-ins, sign ups, or email list sign-ups - whatever way you're having people sign up for the stream.

      Another strategy is to target cold people with a video view campaign, and then retarget people that watch 50% or more of your video with an invite to sign up for the livestream. Then make the livestream something conversion trackable, like an email list sign up or a website opt-in. I'd imagine a mixture of these two methods would be the best way to go about it, and then you can compare the cost per sign-up between the two.