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Comparing results and getting on Spotify Algorithmic playlists

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  • Comparing results and getting on Spotify Algorithmic playlists

    HI, thanks to Andrew mostly😉 I've been able to up my game in FB ads and Spotify targeting,
    To set the context I've got around 2400 spotify followers (grown over many years)
    Each new release gets around 300 plays from please radar, (can anyone else compare the ratio of followers and plays per release? )

    In my current ad campaign my song is getting around 200 plays a day, an overall 40% save rate and is on 120 playlists,
    Yet after 3 weeks it's barely been pushed out at all by Release radar, and no discover weekly

    My fb pay per view content conversion has gone down to nearly 4 cents per conversion which is the cheapest I've ever had
    I'm using Toneden so I've been able to track those conversions, and anyway I've seen the plays on Spotify
    (however does seem like some discrepancy between toned and fb stats, anyone else?)

    Would love to see some of your results and experiences in regards to Spotify

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    Just coming over to the Forum after having been away several days, and glad to see some activity. I'm new to the course, etc., and am running my first campaign starting midnight tonight. I'm promoting a song more or less in the "country" genre, so my experience will be a lot different from most folks here--but I promise to share my results, and I just wanted to say I appreciate YOUR transparency on this in the same way I appreciate Andrew's transparency. We're all musicians trying to make our mark and I like to see us helping one another. You're obviously well on your way!


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      dab me up can be used for entertainment purposes or as a resource to learn more about new media trends. The MediaKarts website also has a page of FAQs that answer questions about the site's purpose, how it works, and more.