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Help! Facebook ads 'test events' don't work

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  • Help! Facebook ads 'test events' don't work

    Hello community! Could someone help with the following please?

    Test events aren't working in Facebook Ads, why is this? Here's the background:
    • I'm trying to run a pre-save campaign and have set up my Facebook pixel on my Hypeddit landing page (the pixel helper extension confirms that this is working, and I'm using Chrome)
    • The 'Hypeddit Smart Link Visit' and 'Hypeddit Smart Link Click' events are showing in the 'Pixel/Conversions API' tab in events manager
    • I have successfully verified my custom domain with Facebook Ads and this shows in the Web Event Configurations page as a 'Domain verified' (though interestingly also shows up on this page, as a 'Domain owned by another business')
    • I have created a custom conversion corresponding to both of the above mentioned Hypeddit events, and these show as 'active' on the custom conversions page
    • I'm now running a pre-save conversion campaign and still haven't had any conversions after 490 impressions - however this is actually accurate as I haven't had any new pre-saves according Hypeddit either!
    So what gives? I presume I've not set something up right? Facebook Ads support haven't helped and neither have Hypeddit.

    Thanks so much guys! Wishing you all success!