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FB ads audience age and targeting restrictions - question

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  • FB ads audience age and targeting restrictions - question

    Hey guys,

    I noticed that I am getting an error that tells me that my audience targetting features aren't available due to having an age range on some ad sets of 15+. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of how this works: Does FB distribute the ads with your targetting features to those 18+, and then sends "watered down" versions of those ads to those under 18, or does having the wide age spread of 15+ on my audience "kill the entire campaign" per se, and turns off all targetting features for all ages.

    Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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    You should keep in mind that Facebook's maximum defined age is 65+, which covers everyone over the age of 65. Because of Facebook's 13-year-old minimum age requirement, all adverts will only be seen to those who are of legal age to view them. When running advertising for age-restricted items in several markets, advertisers are advised to make the necessary changes to this option before submitting their ads.