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    Hi everyone!

    First of all, briefly about me: I have released five songs with my band since October 2020 and since then I have promoted the songs with Facebook Ads. I have achieved very good results with it: 750,000 streams in total, 6,000 Spotify followers and 8,000 Instagram followers. So I've already gained a bit of experience. Thanks a lot Andrew, I really learned a lot from your videos!

    Now to my question: In many videos it is described that the first days and especially the first 24 hours after release are crucial for the Spotify algorithm. I haven't really had this experience and wonder if this has ever been officially confirmed by Spotify. Especially because Discover Weekly always kicks in a few weeks later. It therefore makes no sense to me. If I use a very high budget for advertising on the first day and all followers listen that day, the number of streams will decrease a few days later. I would imagine that this has more of a negative impact on the algorithm.
    Therefore I'll try a different strategy on the next release. I will run no or hardly any ads the first days and increase the ads in the first 1-3 weeks. I'm curious what you think of it and if anyone has had experience with it.

    Thanks for your attention and help.

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    You make a lot of sense. If you release on Friday, you have four weeks to get on Release Radar. Many people won't trigger Release Radar after one week, but maybe after two and/or three and/our four. So it definitely seems to make sense to run the ads in those first four weeks to have four chances of landing on Release Radar. But I also don't understand why you would wanna frontload the first week or even the first days.

    I also don't know if I would frontload the budget again. But then I would have a super consistent spend over four weeks. Same budget every day as long as there is a chance to trigger Release Radar.

    Maybe this is the reasoning for front loading:
    If you spend a lot in week 1, you will make it on Release Radar after one week already. This will lead to more listeners and more streams which will make it easier to get on Release Radar every week even if you decrease ad spend.
    If you start slowly with your ads, you might miss the first one or two weeks of Release Radar and only make it on it the last two weeks as opposed to all four weeks.

    I do not understand why you wanna spend less early and increase later? Because you are thinking less of Release Radar and more of Discover Weekly?
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      Recently, I transfferred my YouTube playlists to Spotify by using Musconvtool.